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9 keys to effective Web Design

Your website is several years old and the design was outdated? Are you thinking of changing your website? Keep these Web Design tips in mind!

9 keys to effective Web Design

1-Responsive Design

The first and most important thing in designing a web page is that it is responsive, that is, adaptable. The majority of internet searches are carried out from the cell phone, so it is essential that the website adapts its content to the format of the device on which it is being viewed. This will provide a good experience for the user.

2-text + images

Users increasingly read less and want to find information quickly. As the saying goes … “A picture is worth a thousand words” …

This is why using great photos is key on having a succesful website. The images help to convey a concept or a story and guide users through the website.

3-Images and more images !!

Whenever it is not forced and has to do with the content of the website it is a good idea to add an image gallery. This can be from photos and / or videos.

You can also add a logo carousel of the marketed brands or of the companies for which you work.

4-Finders in sight

Only the most relevant information should be found on the home page, as not to fill it up with text and make the users dizzy, encouraging them to leave the website without the information they needed.

For this it is always a good idea to include a very visible search engine, where users can find more information.

 5-Use of Icons

The icons attract attention and guide the user through the web.

The icons must be synthetic, simple and flat, usually of a single color. They can be different sizes but never too small to make reading difficult.

6-Use of videos

It is known that videos are very attractive and well valued on social networks. Its implementation on web pages is also a good idea.

They are an useful resource, specially for small explanations and tutorials.

They also have the advantage of being able to upload to a video channel, without reloading the web or slowing it down.

7-Web pages with scroll

This design style allows the user to find new information as he/she scrolls.

The pages stopped being static and the side menus disappeared.

The scroll is essential so that a website can be easily browsed on electronic devices such as tablets and Smartphone.

8-Social Media

It is essential that web pages have icons and links to social networks.

Some websites, in addition to the icons, have a grid where the last posts made are displayed, usually located in the footer.


Currently, more and more web pages have this type of online assistance.

The use of chatbot is a good option for institutional pages, online stores, technical supports and any other that may need to receive queries from the user.

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