Online Store Design

Online Store Design

An online store or e-commerce is much more than a web page. It is a website whose objective is the sale of products and services through the Internet.
It is not a corporate website whose purpose is to present the company’s information and it is expected that the interested parties contact by mail, telephone or network is social.
Its design and functionalities are oriented to achieve and increase the number of sales and speed up the buying process.

The online store presents the products or services that are being sold, together with all their characteristics, so that the client has the information needed to make the purchase or hiring.

Trade is increasingly moving to the digital world. The evolution and improvements in design and performance of the e-store is constant.

Many companies, professionals, entrepreneurs, etc., decide to open their own store online due to the great advantages that come by selling over the internet.

Online Store Features

– The online stores have some kind of catalog or portfolio with photos and information on the products or services offered.

The design of online shops should be oriented to ensure that for the User, process to complete their purchase goes as quickly and easily as possible.

Online shops must have a responsive design, that is, they must be adaptable to any type of device to provide a correct display and not lose sales due to navigability problems.

Online Stores must include at least one payment method so that the user can Make the purchase.
It is desirable to offer as many forms of payment as possible. The online Store has the option to integrate tools that allow payment with credit cards in one payment or in installments. It is also possible to set other payment methods such as cash on delivery and bank transfer.

– When it comes to online stores that sell physical products, they also include the delivery or shipping method. In regards to payment methods, they can establish more than one way to make the payment transaction offering options to the User.

– The shopping cart is an indispensable element in this type of page. Tell with a shopping cart that is easily identifiable and with all the information that the user needs to make their purchases. It is essential to make sales faster and safer.

– To make a purchase some Stores online request registration prior to the user. This is not mandatory and may or may not be available, depending on the business preference.

Advantages of an Online Store

– Costs reduction. By not having to maintain the structure of the premises, the cost of business is considerably less.

– Even in the case that you have a physical address, the web will serve to expand the Internet business and generate more sales.

– Convenient sales channel for customers to buy with a few clicks.

– Enables payment with cards quickly and safely.

– Your online business 365 days a year, 24 hours.


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