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The web designer today

Until a few decades ago the figure of Web Designer was not a thing. Professional Graphic Designer started carrying out the tasks that began to emerge, in the late 1990s, in the area of digital communication.

The web designer today

Nowadays the work of Web Designer is very demanding and the tasks that it performes vary in many aspects. Basicly, he is in charge of the development and design of web pages, of all existing types: Blogs, Landing page, E-commerce, Portals, Forums, Self-administered pages, etc.

Therefore, the work of the Web Designer is based on the use and mastery of tools resulting in the creation of a complete website.

Some of these tools are:

-CMS or content management platforms, such as WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop or Blogger.
-Editors or visual layout, among which are Divi, Elementor or Visual Composer.
-Programming languages such as HTML or CSS.
-Design programs like Corel, Illustrator or Pothoshop

In addition to the design itself, the Web Designer is also in charge of the most technical part of the web:
-CMS installation and configuration.
-Installing plugins or add-ons.
-Link with complementary services, such as Email Marketing platforms or Google tools such as Analytics or Search Console.

Website positioning

Another ability andcompetences that are part of the Web Designer’s job is the optimization of the website for search engines. For this, you must also have knowledge about SEO positioning, so that the web pages you make are indexed and positioned on Google.

As for the creative part of web design, the designer’s task is to apply and dynamically combine the different elements that are part of a website: colors, fonts, menu, buttons, etc. The designer must know the current trends in web design and apply them correctly in their creations, adapting them to each project, client and situation.

When creating a website, designers must have as their main focus the final product. They have to achieve a perfect balance between an attractive design and a clear and easy access to information, so that it can be accessed as quickly as possible.

It is very important that the website is easy to navigate and that users find the section or page they want, quikly and without getting lost on the web. The Web Designer should put himself in the user’s place and think about how he might want to use the website.

Designers decide the style and size of the text based on the user’s needs. They also design the button icons and select the images that appear when the user clicks through the web page.

Some companies or customers ask the Web Designer to manage their sites. For this, designers work closely with other professionals or members of the company.

In summary we could say that the work of the Web Designer or Designer knows where it starts but not where it ends !!!

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